Sustainable access

Park Güell's location in Barcelona, in the middle of the urban area formed by Gràcia and Horta-Guinardó, and its various entrance gates, mean that people can get there easily and safely.

In recent years, various traffic calming actions have been carried out to create a more relaxed, healthier environment: pedestrianising streets, installing new traffic lights, widening pavements, regulating parking places and applying measures to reduce the speed of motor vehicles. As some areas have steep slopes, escalators have been installed to help people manage the gradient, such as those in Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya and La Baixada de la Glòria.

The pacified urban surroundings and a collective public-transport network mean that people can get to the park in a sustainable, safe and healthy way.

You can also reach the park by public transport from anywhere in the city and the Metropolitan Area. There are two metro stations at a certain walking distance from the park —Vallcarca and Lesseps (Line 3)—, as well as two bus lines —H6 and D40—, which also favour sustainable mobility. The walk from the two metro stations takes about twenty minutes.

The orography of the park and its surrounding area, as well as the park steps and uneven pathways, mean that people with reduced mobility may experience certain difficulties in reaching the park and moving around it. For this reason, there is an adapted route and there are two wheelchairs available on loan, which must be reserved beforehand.


How to get there
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