Restoration Works

Restoration of the Park Güell staircase

Park Güell's historical, architectural and artistic uniqueness was recognised by the Spanish state in 1969, when it was declared a Monument of Cultural Interest.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) went further in 1984 and declared it a World Heritage site, distinction awarded to all natural areas and cultural assets of great value around the world that must be protected in order to guarantee their conservation, so that future generations can continue to enjoy them.

This mission could not be carried out without the constant work of preserving, restoring and protecting these cultural assets.

At times, these works might alter the visit in some way but it is essential to improve the state and preservation of the Park’s heritage.

Work to bring back the Park Güell staircase to its previous splendour has been underway since November 2020. Following the work carried out by the Parcs i Jardins (Parks and Gardens department) to clean up the vegetation and remove the lime from the first landing of the Dragon Stairway, the Heritage department has restored the structure of the circular area and its platforms.

Work is currently being carried out to finish restoring the trencadís (mosaic) around it. This will complete an action that is integral to the architectural complex for the recovery of this iconic part of Park Güell.

These improvements are framed within the Works Plan for Architectural and Natural Heritage and the Area Surrounding Park Güell, after being commissioned by the Government Committee of the Barcelona City Council. Concretely, green light was given to 10 projects, which comprise part of those managed by B:SM and commissioned by the City Council within the framework of regulating entry to the grounds, and driven forward jointly with the Ecology, City Planning and Mobility Division, and the districts of Gràcia and Horta-Guinardó. The global package has total funds of 10.6 million euros.


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