Conservation and restoration of the park

Park Güell's historical, architectural and artistic uniqueness was recognised by the Spanish state in 1969, when it was declared a Monument of Cultural Interest.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) went further in 1984 and declared it a World Heritage site, distinction awarded to all natural areas and cultural assets of great value around the world that must be protected in order to guarantee their conservation, so that future generations can continue to enjoy them.

This mission could not be carried out without the constant work of preserving, restoring and protecting these cultural assets.

One of our challenges at Park Güell is finding a balance between tourist activities and social uses, above all so that residents from the Park's surrounding neighbourhoods can enjoy it in peace and quiet. Consequently, all proceeds raised by the regulation will be reinvested in the Park under various improvement and renovation projects for green spaces, viewing points, paths, play areas and so on.

You will find information below on many of the work projects carried out in Park Güell and its surroundings since 2017.