Why are the access points regulated?

Park Güell is one of Barcelona's iconic landmarks due to its architectural and historical heritage, as well as its value as a natural and biodiversity site. The park contains two large areas:

  • The monumental area, declared as a world heritage site, which covers 12 hectares.
  • The adjacent woodland area covering 8 more hectares.

Access to Park Güell has been regulated since 2013 to prevent tourist overcrowding.

The management of its access points meets the goal of controlling access to the monumental area to prevent overcrowding, and thereby ensures its safety, as well as its proper use and conservation.

This regulation restricts the visitor capacity of the monumental area to a maximum number of 1,400 visitors/hour, and tickets are required to access. The area is accessible to local residents through neighbourhood cards, to other city residents who have registered on the Gaudir Més programme and through Barcelona Provincial Council library network physical card (both of which are free) and to all other visitors by tickets purchased online. Visitors must buy an entrance ticket, preferably online, for safety reasons, to avoid outside queues.

Local residents registered as living in the neighbourhoods of La Salut, Vallcarca i els Penitents, El Coll, Can Baró, Baix Guinardó and El Carmel also have the right to apply for a free-access card. They can apply for the card by calling 010 or via the municipal website.

Children from schools located inside the park and in its immediate surroundings —Baldiri Reixac, Reina Elisenda, Cor de Maria, Jesuïtes de Gràcia, Petit Virolai, Turó del Cargol and Escola Montseny— are entitled to free access.

Access points are regulated the whole time. However, the early morning time bands (7:00 to 9:30 h) and the evening ones (20:00 to 22:00 h) are reserved for citizens. Between 9:30 and 19:30 h, access is shared between citizens and visitors. To make this possible, there are a total of 9 entries: four meant only for neighbors and citizens, four for visitors and citizens and one exit point located at carrer Olot.


Regulated Area Park


Antoni Gaudí, world heritage

Program Gaudir més
Once registered, you can access for free or with discounts to various facilities and museums in the city.
Card for the neighborhood

The procedure allows the card to be requested to residents of the neighborhoods adjacent to Park Güell.