Organized groups

What is an organised group?

A group of between 10 and 30 people who make a reservation and/or purchase a joint ticket and have a single ticket for entering to Park Güell.


How to make a reservation?

  1. First of all, it is necessary to register in our website clicking on New User Sign Up.
  2. Once you have been registered, you could start the booking process clicking on Buy Tickets. If coach parking is needed, it is essential to organise this when purchasing entrance tickets.
  3. If you have an outstanding reservation, you can confirm or modify it clicking on Access to the User Area.

User manual groups

Please find the GROUP tickets purchase guide and conditions here

Specific conditions for group reservations

Reservation can be made up to 3 months in advance.

20% of the total price of the reservation.

The remaining 80% must be paid 4 days before the date of the visit.

The reservation can be modified up to at most 20% more or less than the number requested in the initial reservation.

Up to two or three days before the visit. In this case, 50% of the total charge for the cancelled tickets will be refunded.

No, no refund will be made on the actual day of the visit

Reservations made through the organized groups section in our website can only be used by the agency or professional group itself. Under no circumstance will it be allowed to resell or give the voucher to other agents which have not been previously authorized by Park Güell.

Reservations are valid for 30-minute time periods and you can enter the park up to 30 minutes after the start of your assigned time period (e.g. if you have a reservation at 9 am, you can enter the site until 9:30 am). You will not be allowed entry once that time period has concluded and you will not have any right to a refund of the entrance fee. Once inside the Park, the group can enjoy the wonderful work of architect Antoni Gaudí for as long as they wish.

Yes. At Park Güell we promote peaceful coexistence between thousands of visitors, local residents and the natural environment.

The use of loudspeakers, megaphones or similar devices that may cause discomfort or noise pollution is therefore forbidden during tours. We recommend that you use individual audio guides.

In addition, according to current regulations, guides con only give explanations to groups composed by a maximum of 30 people.

Yes. All the members of the group listed on the voucher must enter Park Güell at the same time. If any member of the group is missing, they will have to wait until the group is complete.

Park Güell is a cultural asset of national interest, which means that, in order to act as a guide under the Catalonia Tourism Act, the guide must be in possession of a tourist guide qualification issued by the Government of Catalonia (the Generalitat). Section 65.1 of the Catalonia Tourism Act lays down that anyone can act as a tourist guide activity, except inside monuments declared to be cultural assets of national interest and museums registered in the Catalonia Museum Registry. Any persons not accredited as official guides who are detected carrying out such functions will be required to cease doing so.

The official guides accredited by the Generalitat of Catalonia who escort the groups have free entry provided that they show their credentials at the entrance of Park Güell.

Coaches for groups (of 10 persons minimum) visiting Park Güell can reserve a parking place when they purchase their tickets, which will give them the right to an hour and a half’s parking in the Zona Bus coach park.

The price of this booking is €18.

IMPORTANT: Only coaches with a previous reservation may access the parking area. Rotation parking is not allowed.

Parking will be deemed as concluded on leaving the car park.

Contact ZonaBus 93 3308799 (Monday to Friday 8 am-3 pm)

No, reservations do not allow change of day and time. Only the total number of people can be modified by 20%