Access regulations

General terms and conditions for ticket purchases to Park Güell

1. General characteristics

Park Güell receives many visitors and is a unique cultural heritage protected by UNESCO that must be preserved. For this reason, the following obligatory general terms and conditions have been established to regulate ticket sales through the park's official distribution channels, as well as to regulate access to Park Güell.

Park Güell's official ticket sales channels are: the website, the automatic machines at the entrances, the automatic machines at the Lesseps and Vallcarca metro stations, and the customer service desks at the park.

The website belongs to BARCELONA DE SERVEIS MUNICIPALS, S.A. (hereinafter referred to as BSM)with headquarters at c/Calàbria 66, 08015, Barcelona, with tax ID# A08765919. It is registered with the Barcelona Mercantile Registry: Volume 26806, Sheet B108458, Entry37a. This website allows any person interested in visiting Barcelona's Park Güell to buy tickets over the internet to access the restricted area of Park Güell.

Internet users who access Park Güell's website, specifically the tickets sales section, voluntarily assume and agree to respect the purchase terms and conditions which are applicable to them, detailed below.

Similarly, Park Güell reserves the right to revise and modify these legal conditions at any time. The user is subject to the policies and conditions that are in force at the time the website is used, unless a law or decision by a competent authority says otherwise.

For any suggestion, enquiry, complaint or claim, the user can contact Park Güell through the following Email address:

2. Tickets

  1. The tickets entitle visitors to enter Park Güell on the date and within the time-band stated on the ticket. Entry will only be permitted by presenting the identifier from the sales system, which means the booking locator code or QR code issued by Park Güell following the purchase process on the website Thus, the presentation of any other document that does not however contain the details on buying tickets via the channels set out above will not be valid for entering the park, and the user will not have the right to be compensated or refunded by Park Güell (Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, SA).
  2. Park Güell (BSM) takes no responsibility for tickets that were not acquired at official distribution points or that were acquired through non-authorised agents.
  3. The ticket price for entrance to Park Güell is that which is detailed on the official website Any other amount that is not the official rate may be due to the addition of fees, expenses or other financial concepts that have not been approved or validated by Park Güell (BSM). Park Güell will not be held responsible for the application of fees on park entrance tickets that do not correspond to the official price.
  4. Park Güell (BSM) has not signed any commercial agreement with any company that allows them to market Park Güell tickets or sell them through any means other than the official channels mentioned in these terms and conditions. The illegal sale of tickets can result in legal prosecution and claims.
  5. Reservations made through the organized groups section in our website can only be used by the agency or professional group itself. Under no circumstance will it be allowed to resell or give the voucher to other agents which have not been previously authorized by Park Güell.
  6. The falsification, illegal sale or re-sale of tickets (whether in the street, online, and/or via any other means) is strictly prohibited. The illegal sale or re-sale (or attempt at illegal re-sale) of a ticket is grounds for the confiscation or cancellation of the ticket, with no reimbursement or any other type of compensation. In order to avoid illegal re-sale, ticket purchases can be limited in quantity, with a maximum per person, user, or credit card established. Making a ticket purchase that contradicts the criteria established by Park Güell (BSM) and communicated on this website will allow Park Güell (BSM) to cancel these tickets. The ticket purchaser will be duly informed of this cancellation.
  7. Members of Gaudir Més must have a ticket to enter the site, but they will need to identify themselves as a registered member on this same page and process their personalised ticket.
  8. Tickets allow entry into the Park for 30 minutes after the time-band reserved.
  9. You can view the terms and conditions on changing and cancelling bookings in the section PREPARING FOR YOUR VISIT, which can be found at the following link
  10. Visitors must keep their ticket throughout their stay in Park Güell and show it if required to do so by authorised personnel.
  11. Once the ticket has been validated at an access control point it will no longer be possible to leave and then re-enter.
  12. The right to withdraw from the contract shall not apply for tickets purchased from outside the commercial establishment, under the provisions set out in Article 103(I) of the General Consumer and User Protection Act.

3. Access and use of facilities

  1. The entrance to Park Güell will always be in accordance with public opening times (check hours based on season).
  2. If you have purchased your ticket in advance, you are advised to find out which entrance is closest to your planned point of arrival (“How to get there” section of this website).
  3. If you do not have a ticket, you will have to purchase one either at the ATMs or at the ticket offices for the public. In such cases we cannot guarantee immediate availability for making your visit, as the maximum visitor capacity each 30 minutes is 700 people.
  4. Tickets that have been altered or misused can be revoked and will not allow entrance to the park. This does not remove the legal responsibility that can derive from their fraudulent use.

  5. There are spaces and facilities at Park Güell with a limited capacity, such as the MUHBA Casa del Guarda museum space. Obtaining a ticket allows you to visit it, but due to the limited capacity, it does not guarantee entry.
  6. Minors under the age of 14 who are not accompanied by an adult who will take responsibility for them are not allowed to enter.
  7. Organised groups must ensure they actually take out the number of tickets reserved.
  8. Visitors must not have picnics outside of the designated areas. Please use the wastepaper baskets in order to help keep the Park clean.

  9. The sale or illegal marketing of any product or souvenir is totally prohibited.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to climb over the perimetral walls of the Park or cross the safety barriers.
  11. Climbing on or leaning against the heritage features of the Park is not allowed.
  12. Visitors are not allowed to take photographs or make films for professional or commercial purposes without express authorisation from the organisation. To apply for authorisation, an e-mail must be sent to the address, providing the details and purpose of the report.
  13. Undressing, removing shoes or lying down on the benches are not allowed in the restricted area.
  14. For reasons of conservation of this UNESCO heritage site, riding bicycles and roller skating are not allowed in the park.

  15. Smoking is not allowed in the zones of the Park in which it is specifically prohibited and duly signposted.
  16. Any activities that involve deterioration of the monumental features, the environmental conditions of the natural areas or the installations are prohibited.
  17. Park Güell cannot accept responsibility for damage or injury caused by failure to abide by these rules or by improper use of its installations.
  18. Local residents and/or those who have an accreditation card will have to show it at the entrance check point and provide documentation proving ownership of the document. Leaving your card for others to use is not permitted. If improper use is made of the card or if it used by a third person who is not its owner, Park Güell reserves the right to withdraw the card.
  19. The average duration of the scheduled visit is about one hour. We would advise visitors to wear comfortable footwear and clothing protecting you from the sun, especially during periods of intense heat. There are fountains with drinking water along the itinerary.
  20. The right of admission is reserved.
  21. The authorisation of Park Güell will be required for carrying out artistic or musical activities, which will only be permitted in exceptional cases and not for profit.
  22. In compliance with current regulations in force (article 65.1 of the Tourism Act of Catalonia), guided tours of Park Güell can only be conducted by official tourist guides qualified by the Catalan Autonomous Government, MUHBA guides and the teachers that accompany groups of students, provided that these tours are not done for additional profit.
  23. You may not use megaphones, speakers or any similar voice-amplification devices during tours inside the premises.
  24. Park Güell (BSM) has not signed any commercial agreement with any company that allows them to use its images, name, or logo. Therefore, any use by third parties without prior authorisation from Park Güell (BSM) can result in legal prosecution and claims.
  25. The customers and service users will ensure a respectful attitude towards local residents and Park Güell’s community environment, as a tourist destination.
  26. People with pets will be allowed to enter, provided that the pet is kept on a lead (in compliance with the environmental byelaw of 2011). Visitors can access the entire park with their pets, except for Nature Square, Hipostyle Room, the Dragon Stairway,  the Austria Gardens and the Laundry Room Portico to ensure the safety and protection of people, pets and heritage. People who own or accompany pets shall be responsible for any damage that those animals may cause.

4. Measures in the event of non-compliance

Not following these rules for buying tickets for, entering, and using the park will give Park Güell (BSM) the right to deny entry to or expel the ticket holder from the premises, without the right to receive a refund for the ticket. It can also adopt the measures necessary to avoid this non-compliance and take any necessary actions to claim damages derived from it, as well as seek any compensation that may apply.