The park and schools

The 'Park Güell and schools' programme enables all Spanish and EU schools with an educational interest in the site designed by Antoni Gaudí to visit the park.

Park Güell's natural and cultural values make it an emblematic location for working on various educational topics

The school programme offers two types of visit, during specific time periods, which both offer free entrance:

  • The guided experience, which offers an enjoyable, educational way to discover the Park's most emblematic areas.
  • Free entrance, where the visitors are free to walk around the areas that include the Park's most emblematic features. This includes free access, for a maximum of 60 people per school and day.

In both cases, the school must demonstrate that their visit is for educational and not leisure purposes. See our Educational program of the park.


El parc i les escoles

Educational program of the park
MUHBA school activities

The program is focused on the student learning to interpret the heritage in order to build his own knowledge about the city of Barcelona.