Gaudir Més

Gaudir Més

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If you are already a member of Gaudir Més and you have received your confirmation email, you can visit Park Güell every day at no cost. You will find all the information you need about the Gaudir Més register at this link.

Enjoy Barcelona in the easiest way

Once you have registered with Gaudir Més, you can access for free or with discounts to all the facilities and museums that Barcelona offers.

When you arrive at the indicated spaces you will have to identify yourself with your fingerprint or personal information.

How to enter Park Güell?

Members of Gaudir Més can go directly to any Park Güell entrance.

Once there, you have to identify yourself with your fingerprint. If there are minors under the age of 16 associated with your membership, they can also go directly to the entry point. In any other event, every Gaudir Més member must identify themselves with their fingerprint.

In order to respect the Park Güell's limited capacity, you will not be allowed to re-enter the site once you have left.

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