Disruptions to visits

Afectacions de la visita

Park Güell's historical, architectural and artistic uniqueness was recognised by the Spanish state in 1969, when it was declared a Monument of Cultural Interest.

In 1984, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) went further, and declared it a World Heritage site. This distinction is awarded to all natural areas and cultural features in the world of great value, which must be protected in order to guarantee their conservation, so that future generations can continue to enjoy them.

This mission could not be carried out without a constant task of conservation, restoration and protection of this asset of cultural interes.

Sometimes these works can alter the visit in some way, however, they are essential to improve the condition and preservation of the park’s heritage.


  Interventions inside Park Güell


steps-ramp Marianao

Maintenance work on the steps-ramp between the Marianao entrance and the Lower Viaduct

On Wednesday 12 June, the cantilevered ramp-steps located in the section between the Marianao entrance and the Lower Viaduct will be shored up.

This first provisional intervention is unlike previous work on this feature, which consisted only of anti-slip maintenance on the steps. It will involve a temporary change to the two-way transit at this point, with only upward flow being permitted.

The shoring will only be in place until the definitive maintenance project has been carried out. Once begun, the work is scheduled to take about 8 months.

Start: July 2023 - End: -



Recovery balustrade

Nature Square: recovery of the modernist balustrade

In November 2021, an important project got underway in the upper part of Nature Square's esplanade: the reproduction of the modernist balustrade that delimits a path and crowns all the stone palms. It is possible to reproduce the balustrade thanks to the old photographs of the park conserved by the Heritage department.

With the passage of time, the balustrade has suffered changes and deterioration. Some years ago, it was decided to renovate it, although work was later halted. 

The lack of documentation on how it was built has created a lot of uncertainty, making its construction a matter of guesswork, trial and error.

The foundations have now been laid for two palms (two cup structures simulating those of palm trees) and some trials are under way for the vertical branches which support the handrail. Towards the end of October of November, these branches will be finished and clad with stone. The central bars and handrail will also be finished. The idea is to continue reconstructing these cup structures the same way, two at a time.

The date of completion is, at present, uncertain. It is necessary to finish both cups completely and then calculate the time needed for the entire balustrade.

This work started in September 2021 and is still in progress.

Start: November 2021 - End: -




 Interventions outside Park Güell


Escales Baixada Glòria

Works of redevelopment of Baixada de la Glòria and replacement of mechanical staircases

We inform you that from next Monday 6th February, the Baixada de la Glòria stairs will be out of service due to the beginning of works that will take place in the same space.

The alternative route we offer you to come to Park Güell is to go along:

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Start: February 6, 2023 - End: -