The Roadways, Paths and Viaducts

Close to the central area of the park, going east towards the Carretera del Carmel exit, is the Pont de Baix, the first of the viaducts of the network of paths that help overcome the topography and connect the various parts of the park. Gaudí planned three viaducts with a width of five metres, snaking their way up the mountain, to lead carriages from the main entrance on Carrer d’Olot up to the high part of the estate, the Turó de Tres Creus (Three Crosses Hill). They are known as the Pont de Baix, the Pont del Mig and the Pont de Dalt (lower, middle and high bridges), names that already appeared on the first postcards of the park. They are suspended on a structure of sloping columns and vaults made from unhewn stones taken from the site itself. On their upper parts, the balustrades are crowned by plots with vegetation.

The other large arterial roadway in the estate is the transversal road, ten-meters-wide, which connects the Carretera del Carmel with the Sant Josep de la Muntanya exit, running around the great square from above. Gaudí also planned three meters-wide paths for people on foot and shortcuts with steps and slopes allowing direct access to the various plots.

Prices and times

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